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Handmade By Jessie Lynn

Lavender Meditation Eye Pillow-Deep Purple

Lavender Meditation Eye Pillow-Deep Purple

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Lavender Meditation Eye Pillow - Weighted Aromatherapy handmade in Windsor Ontario

Experience ultimate relaxation with our Lavender Meditation Eye Pillow. Made with real lavender buds, rice, and flax seed, our eye pillow provides the perfect weight and calming scent for a peaceful rest. The soothing aroma promotes deep relaxation and helps you sleep soundly. Use warm or cold and treat yourself to luxurious comfort. 

Dried lavender buds hold essential oil. Over time the oil (and aroma) release. Lavender can hold its scent for years, but we estimate the eye pillow should smell lovely for about a year. To release the oils and aroma, softly shake and move around the eye pillow contents. The more you move around the lavender, the more scent it will release (and eventually fade).

How to use:

  • Cold Therapy: Recommended for headaches, sinus pain, stress, and to reduce eye fatigue. Place in the freezer for 1 hour and then lay over closed eyes. The bag will stay cool for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Warm Therapy: Recommended for tension relief. Heat in a clean microwave for 30 seconds and lay over closed eyes.
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